Fulfilling Your Personal Needs

Before considering a specific approach or method and materials of construction we think through your current lifestyle and consider what type of environments support and enhances a fulfilling living space. 

Primary questions include what activities do you do, with who, and when. After these are taken into consideration we start collaborating with our clients in making decisions about what aspects to incorporate into a new or revitalized living space.

I believe this approach is so much better that when asked to do a kitchen remodel I insist on talking about  things like cooking styles and other aspects before stepping into a kitchen space so the conversation is not dictated by preconceived notions. Your needs should be the primary consideration our job is to fulfill those needs in the space available and within your budget.

A year before starting to construct this addition we chose the height of the second floor level to be able to see the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge that were previously out of view. Flexibility in our approach allowed us to develop this soaking tub addition which with it's own interior window looking over past the staircase to enjoy the sunset hour when the project was nearing completion.

Our In-house Capabilities
No matter how complex the installation, we prefer to do it ourselves as we have more control, in this installation we coordinated the travertine over radiant heated shower floors and walls
Stock staircase railing parts didn't have the feel we wanted here so we milled all of the parts on site to create the second rail that reflects the small lights of the windows above the staircase
Custom crafted granite done by us for a special feel in a small tight bathroom. Our commercial installers were reluctant to create this shape and match these granite patterns.
Warranted in special installations, some drawers need the attention to detail of custom dovetail drawers. We manufacture many of our installed cabinetry onsite.
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